Tims band instrument service

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We are ready to supply all of your rental needs.

Please consider our program to serve your needs now and throughout the entire year. We have a great selection of new and used rentals that will fill your needs. Tim's now has Violin Rentals. Check out our rentals to see the details. Thank you all for making Tim's the place to go for all your musical needs.

Tim’s Music started on the bench over 30 years ago

and has continued to uphold the long standing traditions of craftsmanship in our repair shop. We do everything from the simplest musical instrument repairs to complete restoration services on all band and orchestra instruments. We offer electronic repairs on most any electronic equipment. Tim’s Music can also repair all of your guitars.

Count on Tim's to meet all your educational needs

Lessons are available to all levels and ages. Brass and woodwind instrument lessons are taught on-site by multiple-credentialed, first-call musicians. If you are in need of lessons, we have some of the best teachers in the area. Let us set you up with one of them.

Tim's has the first ultrasonic cleaner in the region

The results of the ultrasonic cleaner are nothing short of amazing. The benefit of this specialized technology is keeping the interior of your instrument free from the harmful deposits and science projects that grow while you play.

Spring is here

As the memory of El Nino sits in our mind, I am not sure it had the roar that we were all expecting.

One thing we can be sure of is that all of the instruments that are currently being played will need maintenance.  Some more than others, but all of them must be maintained to allow the musician to play at their best.

Whether you are in your first year, or a pro, keeping your instrument in reliable condition must be a priority.  

The spring concerts are on their way, and now would be a great time to see how your performance can be enhanced with a tune up.  Give us a call or better yet, come on in and we will give you a complete evaluation of your instrument's condition.  Our professional technicians are here to serve you.

We have the Sacramento Flute Festival just around the corner.  Click here to see the details.

Tim's Music is also hosting a Saxophone EXPO in mid May.  More details shortly.


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