Tims band instrument service


At TIM’S Music we combine old world craftsmanship with the newest, most innovative technologies. Whether you need minor cosmetic repairs or major structural improvements, our highly-trained technicians offer the best in repairs and service. 

Ultrasonic Cleaning technology!
Ultrasonic technology has been one of the best applications of innovative technology in the craft of band instrument repair.  The ultrasonic technology uses an eco-friendly solution to remove the harmful deposits that build up in your instrument.  We suggest having your brass instrument ultrasonically cleaned at least once a year to keep your instrument in top playing condition.  This amazing machine can keep the calcification and oxides that tend to build up in and on the instrument in check, keeping you and your instrument healthy and ready to perform at your best.

One of the most exciting and imaginative technologies is the “M.D.R.S.” (Magnetic Dent Removal System). Scott has consulted in the development and applications of this technology that allows brass repairs with less trauma to the finish and structure of the instrument thus maintaining the integrity of your instrument and getting the best possible outcome. 

Another of the many advantages of choosing TIM’S Music for your instrument service and maintenance: the “MAG”. This ultra-sensitive tool is used for detecting problems and leaks as small as the groove in your fingerprint. The Magnahelic technology allows for precision leak and pressure adjustments on brass instruments. Would you like to see how it works? Just ask us for a demonstration! 

Would you like your brass instrument to look like new again? TIM’S Music boasts a complete refinishing service, including silver or gold plating. We might also recommend the most durable product, a specialized baked-on epoxy lacquer. Come in for a consultation and learn about your many options. 

We look forward to serving your repair need in the future.